Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 29, 2014

credible hulk

Astute readers of this blog, all 3 of you, will note that some days I use images that are not Tarot. That’s because there are only 78 cards in the deck, and 365 days in the year. So I stretch it out with other stuff, like this image I got off Twitter from @MaggiePriceless.

A rational, skeptical mind in a Pagan worldview may seem like a contradiction, but I think it is more an accommodation to the fact that our understanding is limited, and none of us will ever have all the answers.

“J.B.S. Haldane, at the end of a famous essay, wrote: ‘Now my own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose. I suspect there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of, or can be dreamed of, in any philosophy.’

I pasted this quote from a site run by someone called ElysianMoonWhite, so there.

Margot Adler, journalist, author and Pagan, found a home in the Unitarian Church. She was an adviser to the board of Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans and she spoke at Rowe Camp some years ago. She said, as best I recollect, “the challenge of our time is reconciling the rational and the mystical.”

Margot Adler was a model of how to live a life dedicated to truth and objectivity, and how to stay true to your own spiritual calling without apologies. A lovely tribute to her is posted on Daily Kos today. She was badly needed, badly missed, and my sympathies go to her son, who lost his parents too soon.

And for Margot Adler in her own words, link here.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 28, 2014

page of wands

Today’s Tarot card is the Page of Wands.

Raw Story reports that a Republican mayor in North Carolina marched to Washington to support health care reform after his local hospital was bought by a big corporation and shut down at a profit.

A white guy from Mississippi applies a 12-step approach to overcoming addiction to racism. This is a nice reply to the countless unfortunate statements that begin, “I’m not a racist, but…”

And in Louisville,Kentucky, Christians the rest of the world may just come together over a cup of coffee. Fair-trade coffee at that.

According to Sallie Gearhart and Susan Rennie’s Feminist Tarot, the Page of Wands is a woman who is brilliant with words, who can speak to diverse factions and reveal connections. She can open opportunities for peace and reconciliation. She may be a lawyer, a journalist, a politician, or just a friend with common sense who tells it like it is.

Page of Wands is an auspicious card for a Monday, when the work week is ahead, and it helps to keep an eye on the destination, not just the potholes on the way there.

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Her Color

When Brenda arrived at the old triple-decker house she went straight to the back door. She was there to see Mrs. Angelo, but Sonny, the nephew who lived upstairs had to meet her. He looked like he sounded on the phone, muscle shirt with muscles to match, lots of rings, edgy. It couldn’t be easy for him to look after a frail and demanding aunt.

“She never lets anyone in unless they’re family,” Sonny explained.

Mrs. A. was not pleased to see a nurse at her door. It took some doing to get her to agree to a blood pressure check, and unfortunately there was yelling-

“If you don’t let the nurse take care of you I’ll have to put you in a nursing home!”

“What did I ever do to deserve a nephew like this? God, take me now!”

Mrs. A. got so worked up she forgot her walker and paced briskly around her tiny apartment, with good balance as Brenda duly noted. She grabbed a mason jar of something off her pantry shelf and declared that she would eat it.

“You can’t eat that!” Sonny cried, “You’ll get food poisoning.”

“Better than living with this excuse for a family!” Mrs. A. shouted back, in between mouthfuls of preserved something.

Brenda didn’t know what to do. Her agency had no policy on snatching food from the elderly, and her instincts told her that the old woman had been eating her home canning since the Great Depression and was clearly still alive. So she did nothing.

Which turned out to be the right call, Mrs. A. is still with us.

Sonny, may he rest in peace, was not so fortunate. After having a home-cooked dinner with the woman he was planning to dump for a girl he met at Hooters, he was suddenly stricken and died. Some suspected he was taking more than vitamins at the gym, but no one was ever charged. The official cause was sudden heart failure.

Mrs. Angelo, standing in the receiving line at the wake looked tragic and regal. Black had always been her color.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 27,2014

Tarot day off, I just did not have the inspiration. Fortunately writers group met today, and I got a recharge. See you on Stormy Monday.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 26, 2014

flowers rowe camp

Woke up to a cool breeze from my window, traffic is light this early Saturday morning.

Today in schadenfreude, Dinesh D’Souza sees a government conspiracy in CostCo not selling his books. I feel his pain. I have a stack of ‘Sundays at Sarahs’, the anthology with my brilliant short story. (Want to buy one? A rare print edition can be mailed to you, just ask.)

He’s also fighting charges of campaign finance fraud, but he has his defenders-

The criminal indictment makes a brief appearance near the end of Mr. D’Souza’s new film. Harvey A. Silverglate, a lawyer and outspoken critic of law enforcement, explains that on a normal day, the average American does three things that could be deemed felonies “by some ambitious Department of Justice prosecutor.”

Well, this American has so far avoided anything worse than parking tickets, but maybe their definition of ‘average’ is a faster crowd than I run with. They’re saying on wingnut news that Barack Obama is not a real American, maybe he’s behind on his felony offenses. A good topic for discussion some time.

Today I am typing in bed, farmer’s market is the next stop. Happy Saturday if you have the day off, and if you are working may all the cards fall in your favor.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 25, 2014

4 of cups

Today’s card is the IV of Cups. The theme is searching for inspiration.
Tara Miller, at
Staff of Asclepius
posts about Pagans with disabilities, visible and invisible.

I’m usually full of words, but today the universe may be telling me to just sit back and listen.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 24, 2014

8 of pentacles

Today’s card, VIII of Pentacles, is dedicated to all us workers who keep on keeping on. And since I need to keep on getting ready for my own job, here’s a quick link to a voice for workers in the health industry- Service Employees International Union.

Amnesty International Backs Nurses & Caregivers Standing Up For Quality Care & Good Jobs

Amnesty International Executive Director Steven W. Hawkins joined nurses and healthcare workers at Mt. Sinai Medical Center for their picketing yesterday, and pledged the support of Amnesty’s 3 million activists.
“Workers’ rights are human rights. Fair pay is a human right. Equity is a human right. And quality healthcare benefits are a human right,” said Hawkins. “Amnesty International stands with 1199SEIU and the 110,000 nurses and caregivers in negotiations. We demand dignity for healthcare workers as they care for our families and communities.”

Read more here.

Have a good one on this hot, sweet, long day of July.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 23, 2014

knight of pentacles

Today’s card, the Knight of Pentacles is the opposite to the Knight of Swords. The Knight of Pentacles is a stand-up guy who deals with what is, not what might be. He is not easily panicked, he is not brandishing a weapon, he surveys the landscape before rushing ahead.

Today’s card is dedicated to all the men who seem slow, quiet and unassuming- who are steady, realistic and skeptical. You don’t get glory for the disasters you prevent by good planning. Peace is its own reward.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 22, 2014


A picture is worth a thousand words. Good thing, because I can’t come up with any this morning, and I have to go to work. Trying to chug enough coffee to get into the mode, see you tomorrow.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, July 21, 2014

2 of pentacles

Today’s card is the 2 of Pentacles, a caution against trickery.

In world news, the government of Nigeria still fails to protect its people. However, they have hired Levick, a US public relations firm to deal with the bad press.

Someone tell Levick that Nigeria is, you might say, complicated. Nigeria’s Twittersphere erupted Thursday under the hashtag #SomeoneTellLevick over a government contract signed with U.S. public relations firm Levick last month — reportedly for $1.2 million — to improve news coverage of the Nigerian government’s efforts to recover 219 abducted schoolgirls.

Amazingly, Nigerians are asking why the government is not using the people’s money to rescue the kidnapped girls and shut down Boko Haram which continues to attack school children.

Advertising, which is the art of making us want what we don’t need, is the essence of the trickster. Each year the cost of access to politics rises, campaigns level miles of trees to print the stuff we drop into the recycling. There’s a calculation- ‘price per vote’. You know a good candidate when the price per vote is low and the voters tune in even without a massive PR campaign.

Today’s Tarot warns us to watch out for misdirection and not to overlook what is in plain sight.

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