WHEN BANKS WON’T LEND — Alternative Financing for Small and Micro Businesses by Rich Streitfield, CPA

I don’t know where people get the idea that accountants are conventional types. All the ones I know are hipsters. Rich Streitfield, CPA, shares his expertise in his blog Peace Love and Business Planning. If you, like this writer, break out in hives when the W-2′s come in, you need to talk to someone who is not afraid to face the numbers, and win. Here is Rich with some starting points on how to finance your dream…

You have a great product. A detachable shower head that runs on solar energy to vacuum your floors and discipline your children. You’ve done the prototypes and only need $10,000. Chump change for the banks, right?

The credit landscape has changed dramatically since 2008. (A reputable accounting firm that owns its building finally got approved this year to expand its line of credit; accounting is not known as a high-risk enterprise.)

Banks want air-tight financials, proven multi-year success, collateral and (often) a personal guarantee. What’s a start-up with limited resources to do?

Even some cash-strapped municipalities have programs to invest in/lend to micro businesses.*
Explore large non-profit lenders such as SEED Corporation in Rhode Island and Mass.
Ask family or close friends for loans. It’s awkward and we might fail. But you are 46 and you really must move out. Use a third-party such as Circle Lending** to prepare documents and collect payments so the process is not personal. Insist on paying at least a nominal rate of interest and agree on a repayment schedule – do not leave it open-ended.
Investigate 3rd party “peer to peer” lenders such as Prosper and Lending Club that offer unsecured loans at higher rates, funded by investors willing to take more of a risk. You pitch your enterprise on-line and see if enough investors are willing to back it. (Some analyses have concluded the funded rate is only 10%-15%).
Consider a partner. Find someone who is willing to take an ownership stake by pitching in some capital for a promise of a percentage of future earnings. Make sure this written agreement is structured so you have control over the day-to-day operations.
If your venture has public appeal you may want to consider “crowdfunding”. Kickstarter and others are no longer solely focused on creative ventures. In fact, many of their most successful campaigns have been for products.
Your retirement plan was made to be used for that purpose and early withdrawal may trigger a penalty and/or adverse income tax purposes. But what if this is your best shot at constructing a retirement? $10,000 is not enough for retirement but may be enough to jump-start your dream. But consider carefully for any amount.

None of these routes is a guarantee. But with traditional financing all but closed off, new avenues continue to arise.

*Some lenders may require that you be declined for traditional bank financing before considering your application.

** I have not had personal experience with many of these companies. Do your due diligence.

NOTE: This article is presented exclusively for informational purposes and is not intended to substitute for obtaining tax or financial advice from a tax or other business professional.

More words of financial wisdom can be found on Peace Love and Business Planning, April is always closer than you think.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, November 18, 2014

maha Ghosananda and friends

Got this from Phil Edmonds, musician and follower of the Eightfold Path.

Mahaghosananda was one of the saints of Providence, here as a consequence of the Vietnam War and the US invasion of Cambodia. His message to all was Lovingkindness.

Phil says that his friend is collecting stories of Maha. Perhaps you met him when he was with us. Perhaps you have a story too.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, November 17, 2014

page of cups

Today’s Tarot is Page of Cups. Looking for inspiration. A friend sent me these words of the monk Thich Nhat Hanh, who is recovering from a serious health crisis.

“This body is not me; I am not caught in this body, I am life without boundaries, I have never been born and I have never died. Over there the wide ocean and the sky with many galaxies All manifests from the basis of consciousness. Since beginningless time I have always been free. Birth and death are only a door through which we go in and out. Birth and death are only a game of hide-and-seek. So smile to me and take my hand and wave good-bye. Tomorrow we shall meet again or even before. We shall always be meeting again at the true source, Always meeting again on the myriad paths of life.”

Thích Nha^’t Ha.nh,

No Death, No Fear

Autumn rains are beating on the roof, it’s Monday, Blessed Be.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, November 13, 2014

knight of pentacles

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, November 12, 2014


New mayor. Trolleys in Providence? An idea whose time has come. Leave the car at home and ditch the stress.

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Small Box Store

prov picture frame copy

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, 11/11/14

veterans for peace

Thinking of the Bible verse about beating swords into plowshares. Kind of violent, all that beating and forging. The swords don’t convert themselves, have to be put through the fire and re-formed.

Peace doesn’t make itself. It’s constructed, maintained, reinforced by action and sacrifice.

Every war is the one that will bring peace. The Department of War was changed to the Department of Defense. The principle of defense of self and the innocent sends our people all over the world for reasons and causes we did not embrace.

Violence is woven into every act of inequality, every injustice, every hateful thought and word.

Peace is woven into every act of cooperation, fairness, unselfishness, construction, art, generosity.

On this Veteran’s Day we honor all those who fight, and their families who sacrifice, and all on the front lines of war. May peace prevail, may this suffering not be in vain.

Image is from PopularResistance.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, November 10, 2014

8 of pentacles

Today’s Tarot is the VIII of Pentacles. Back to work, friends.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, November 9, 2014

advertising art smoking

Don’t need no stinkin’ nanny state. Today’s Tarot is a random page from an advertising manual, some time before WWI. The delights of smoking in bed, or half-asleep on the couch are still indulged, but Big Tobacco doesn’t push that in writing. I can put faces on people I’ve known in community nursing who set themselves on fire that way, so I’ll keep scolding. Especially since so many are on oxygen, threatening to reproduce the Apollo 1 mission tragedy.

Thinking about our national conversation. I spend a lot of time on the net getting my views reinforced, which is fun but not really enlightening. The science fiction writer, CJ Cherryh, wrote a story about people who lived all their lives on a huge spaceship, and got their information from ‘News & Entertainment’. I’ve often wondered where news starts and entertainment, marketing, pacifying, ends. I like this retro ad selling a way to set yourself on fire before cancer gets you. I never see ads on TV for broccoli. I think I better go to church now and see real people.

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Tarot Daily Dot Decoder, November 9, 2014

6 of cups

Today’s Tarot is the VI of Cups. A good card for a new start, on a sunny Saturday no less.

We have a new mayor-elect and governor-elect, and we’ll have to watch them like hawks and lean on them constantly, but we dodged the cannonball for mayor and I believe we can work with Gina Raimundo.

I regard politicians as I do cats. Cats can be absolutely adorable. Also, every one of them might drop a mangled dead rat on your bed and expect you to be delighted. They can purr and charm you, and sometimes attack you with claws and fangs. It’s cat nature.

Politicians are compromised by definition. It’s actually what they are supposed to be. The office attracts egomaniacs and praise junkies. Under the right circumstances these qualities can be a plus.

But this business as usual is not the same as corruption. Corruption destroys trust and drains away money that should be trusted to the public good. It enriches criminals and shuts out honest people.

Vincent Cianci harmed our city with his run for mayor. One by convincing so many people that corruption was inevitable and they should just lie back and enjoy it- as long as they got a cut. Two by sowing divisiveness. I never saw such hostility on my Facebook as the Cianci people, or heard such blind faith in their guy and hatred for the opposition as the young canvassers at the polling place. Their first lesson in politics is that it’s all about slinging mud and grabbing advantage.

Cianci made out good- great publicity for his radio show.

Jorge Elorza came into a race against a candidate who had that free advertising statewide for years, and deep experience in manipulating Providence politics. It’s a huge accomplishment that he won. Now my plan is to congratulate him and stay on him to keep his promise of One Providence.

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