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California Bans Experimentation on Children

Unproven and ineffective treatments to change sexual orientation will now be an ‘adults only’ experience in California. Children will not be experimented on by zealots, religious and otherwise, who promise to make the gay go away. It’s the law. Gov. … Continue reading

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Todd Akin Gaffes– Not a Bug, a Feature

From that rabble-rousing liberal rag, the St.Louis Post-Dispatch A consultant for embattled Senate candidate Todd Akin today compared Republican attacks on Akin to the 1993 federal siege of cult leader David Koresh. “I’ve expressed this to Todd as my client … Continue reading

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Charles Feldman’s Recovery Story Part 2–In Therapy

Charles Feldman is an advocate for people surviving mental illness. He has generously shared his story here. In this second part of the series he describes his journey through the political and social factions of Brown University, observing the way … Continue reading

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That’s Reassuring? We Can Deal With a Fukushima, India Says

In the event of, say, an earthquake or terrorist attack, India can deal with it. Anyway, nuclear accidents are rare– Pointing to the rarity of such incidents at nuclear power plants, the NPCIL[Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited] said that … Continue reading

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Cursing Cockatoo in Warwick, RI

That’s my hometown getting national fame. You know, the story about the woman who trained her cockatoo to curse at her ex-husband’s girlfriend. It’s in A neighbor accused [Lynn] Taylor’s bird of parroting vulgar phrases, cursing and loudly speaking … Continue reading

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When Worlds Collide

Gretchen Koch found a Jehovah’s Witness pamphlet stuck in her door. She did a kind of lit crit. Enjoy Family Life With Parrots. Yesterday some Jehovah’s Witnesses came to the door. I was not available, but fortunately they left a … Continue reading

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Why Not a New WPA?

That’s a seventy-year-old sidewalk laid down by WPA workers in the Great Depression. Still sound, like a lot of the infrastructure work done then. The New York Times business section puts in simple terms why stimulus money used wisely on … Continue reading

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Charles Feldman’s Recovery Story — Part 1–A Quiet Kid

Charles Feldman is a survivor of mental illness and an advocate for people in need of services and support. I knew him from First Unitarian Church where he and others organized a speak-out on mental illness that opened my eyes … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh Thinks He Discovers a New Disease

It’s caused by feminists. Since Rush didn’t find a medical term for the worldwide epidemic of shrinking manhood, I will create one. DUD (Dwindling Unit Disorder). But despite the panic, DUD is not a new phenomenon. Many years ago I … Continue reading

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Helpless, Old and Abandoned

With all the focus on the Federal tax rate it’s easy to lose sight of one simple fact– the money for essential services has to come from somewhere. When the Feds cut services the State taxes go up. The Tampa … Continue reading

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