That’s Reassuring? We Can Deal With a Fukushima, India Says

In the event of, say, an earthquake or terrorist attack, India can deal with it.

Anyway, nuclear accidents are rare–

Pointing to the rarity of such incidents at nuclear power plants, the NPCIL[Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited] said that there had been only three major nuclear plants accidents that includes 1979 Three Mile Island accident, 1985 Chernobyl disaster and 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

The NPCIL said that “despite these accidents, the safety records of nuclear power plants, in terms of lives lost per unit of electricity delivered, is better than every other major source of power in the world.”

During the course of the hearing, the court said the safety of the Kudankulam plant and storage of nuclear waste was of prime concern.

The court said that from the first day, they were saying that safety was the most important issue and people’s lives should be protected.

After counsel Prashant Bhushan said the government’s main concern was that so much money had been spent on the project, the court observed that it was not the issue, and if it was not satisfied with safety then “we can stop it”.

It’s hard to turn an ocean liner around, and for a few years the world will throw good money after bad, but nuclear is on its way out. Message to America– don’t build any more of these.

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