Todd Akin Gaffes– Not a Bug, a Feature

From that rabble-rousing liberal rag, the St.Louis Post-Dispatch

A consultant for embattled Senate candidate Todd Akin today compared Republican attacks on Akin to the 1993 federal siege of cult leader David Koresh.

“I’ve expressed this to Todd as my client for a while now, I’ve expressed it to him directly,” Akin consultant Kellyanne Conway said in interview released today by the conservative Family Research Council. “The first day or two where it was like the Waco with the David Koresh situation where they’re trying to smoke him out with the SWAT teams and the helicopters and the bad Nancy Sinatra records. Then here comes day two and you realize the guy’s not coming out of the bunker. Listen, Todd has shown his principle to the voters.”

Koresh was the leader of the Branch Davidians religious sect, whose standoff with federal agents in Waco, Texas, in 1993 resulted in a fire that killed Koresh and 81 others, including 28 children.

Akin spokesman Ryan Hite has responded with a one-line written statement: “It was a stupid comment to make.”

Wow, Ms.Conway publicly compares her candidate to a cult leader who, in the reality-based community would be arrested as a predator on underage girls. Imagine what these folks say in private! These appeals to the most extreme of the wing are not gaffes, they are what Todd Akin is about.

The ATF raid on the Branch Davidians was a disaster. Prior to that raid ‘David Koresh’ had collected a group of adults who handed over their bodies and souls to him, in the process condemning their children to live in a religious prison camp. The Branch Davidians are still a rallying cry to the most extreme of the anti-government conspiracy theorists.

There’s blame for the government for failing to rescue those children, but most of all for the power-mad man who held them hostage and his disciples who handed over their agency and their children to this cult.

That the Akin campaign hires a consultant who mis-speaks in this way shows that we live in different realities. She did not tune her dog-whistle finely enough, but there are voters who will nod in agreement with her words. Unfortunately for the campaign, they were already true-believers. And the fact that the group she is comparing to jack-booted government agents is the Republican Party shows how far from the center they stand.

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