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A Halloween Fright

Intheknow at Daily Kos explains what ‘privatized’ disaster relief looks like. Unfortunately, it’s not just a movie, there are real disastrous examples.

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Blessed Samhain

Two years ago this season we swept up leaves from Hurricane Sandy. This year the Pagan celebration of our hopes and fears comes right before an election that will bend the arc of history toward justice or leave us trapped … Continue reading

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Cold Turkey for Poll Addicts

Remember the infamous ‘Heidi Bowl’ of 1968? When football fans went into seizures in their living rooms as the last crucial seconds of the historic Raiders vs Jets game were cut off for a special presentation of ‘Heidi’. Well, not … Continue reading

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Are Your Lights On?

Here’s a link to the National Grid power outage map. Here on the East Side of Providence not even a flicker through the whole storm. Thanks to all the public workers putting in overtime to keep the streets clear and … Continue reading

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Latest Nerd Crush

I’m reading a book called, ‘The Signal and the Noise’ by Nate Silver, also checking his blog, ‘538’ about 10 times a day. Nate writes about how to make predictions from statistics and read polls. He tweeted this just now– … Continue reading

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From Wired Science your tax dollars at work. NOAA’s GOES 13 satellite image of Hurricane Sandy.

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Ghost Story for a Dark and Stormy Night

More unsettling fiction from Kathryn Kulpa… Once when I was a little girl there were hurricane warnings, and how I wanted it to come! We could bring blankets to the cellar and sleep there, and use candles and oil-lamps. Then … Continue reading

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To My Gay Friends– Was it Something I Did?

Here I had been thinking that severe weather was caused by natural forces greater than our petty concerns, but clergyman John McTernan says it’s personal… He continued: “Just last August, Hurricane Isaac hit New Orleans seven years later, on the … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Monday

Providence Emergency Management Agency tweets that the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier is closed. Good call. My grandmother waded through the Hurricane of ’38, and you can still see plaques downtown marking the high water. In this contemporary photo you can … Continue reading

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Cool Hurricane Tracking Sites

John Maeda from RISD posted a good graphical map on Twitter ESRI.COM disaster response. ESRI is a web mapping service. The National Hurricane Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has graphics and updates every six hours. All the … Continue reading

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