Guns and the Elderly– Armed and Disoriented

I once had to remove a home health aid from her assignment when the elderly gentleman she was caring for said he had a gun. Family discord and dementia plus a gun were too much of a hazard. This was reported, I don’t know the outcome. If it’s hard to take the car keys from a person who no longer should drive, imagine trying to pry a gun from the shaky hands of a frightened elder. The gun industry is aggressively marketing guns that will remain lethal even as their buyers lose focus and judgment.

This is not the first or only story of its kind. An adult man was staying with his father and was shot dead when he entered the apartment…

Sean Lewis WGN News

8:23 p.m. CDT, October 9, 2012
In what appears a tragic case of mistaken identity, a retired Chicago Police Detective shot and killed his own adult son early Tuesday morning inside his apartment.

The father, James Griffin, was asleep when his son, Michael, 48, was coming inside the apartment in the 5300 block of North Delphia, near O’Hare airport.

No doubt this is tragic, but not inevitable. The gun industry’s fear-based marketing has consequences. The gun that was kept for safety has destroyed a family.

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