Fox Digs Deeper Hole for Paul Ryan

Crooks and Liars reports that Dr.Keith Ablow, Fox News’ resident phrenologist psychiatrist tossed off words like ‘differential’ and ‘diagnosis’ and ‘dementia’ and ‘alcohol’ after watching Vice-President Joe Biden debate Rep. Paul Ryan.

We all know the political game of low-balling expectations and pumping up the opposition. If our guy loses– well, he was up against a fast-talking political whiz. If he wins– victory is sweeter. It’s a David and Goliath story.

You never hear politicians call their opponent a lousy debater– that’s not strategic. What glory would there be in winning the debate?

But Dr.Ablow is a chiropodist psychiatrist, not some slick political spin doctor. So how could he know that he was spinning in the wrong direction? We Dems thought that Joe Biden was a formidable opponent. Dr. Ablow pretty much said that Ryan couldn’t win a debate with a demented drunk. Thanks, Fox News, for pointing out that Ryan did even worse than we thought.

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