But I’m Not a Plant!

I grew up in times when men were mighty oaks, and women were clinging vines– or at least we were supposed to pretend we were.

The Raw Story reports that Sen. Scott Brown’s women are just adorable…

The Boston Globe on Monday reported that a Friday campaign event at the University of Massachusetts Lowell featured a number of female surrogates, including Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and former Lowell Mayor Rita Mercier (D).

Mercier “pointed to Brown’s wife and daughters as evidence of his support for women, calling them ‘three adorable good woman that are strong and vibrant and independent. You don’t get that way unless you have a strong man that allowed you to blossom.’” according to the Globe.

Bloom where you’re planted, someone told me when I was young. I’m glad I didn’t agree to vegetate, life is so much more interesting when you join the animal kingdom. Anyway, the blossoming time is a brief moment before you wither and go to seed.

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