Hurricane Sandy Monday

Providence Emergency Management Agency tweets that the Fox Point Hurricane Barrier is closed. Good call. My grandmother waded through the Hurricane of ’38, and you can still see plaques downtown marking the high water. In this contemporary photo you can see a trolley car floating by City Hall.

People were navigating downtown in rowboats. Today there are several elderly high-rise buildings in Downtown Providence– Dexter Manor, Beneficent House, Cathedral Square among them.

Schools are closed, I’m home today too. Free to be a full-time blogger.

NBC 10 has a facebook page with minute by minute from all over Rhode Island.

Around 9:30 I walked to CVS on Hope St. I saw a girl’s track team running in shorts and t-shirts. A man was putting trash in one of those open recycling bins. “There’s no trash pickup today,” I said. “I know”, he said, and kept putting in trash. You can’t argue with clueless, all that stuff will go flying and his recycling bins too.

Just windy now.

2pm Windy and rainy, traffic normal on Hope Street.

Almost 8pm, windy in Providence but no power outage. WPRI storm center has statewide reporting and updates.

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