Narragansett Bay After Sandy

Mary Grady reports on Narragansett Bay in the wake of the storm…

Flooded streets, washed-out docks and eroded beaches reflect not just the power of Sandy’s storm-driven waves, but the decisions ā€“ both good and bad ā€“ made by the people who live along the shores of our ocean and Bay. “Barrier beaches naturally migrate,” says Tom Kutcher, baykeeper for Save the Bay. “The waves will pick up the sand, carry it over the dunes and deposit it on the other side.” But when structures and buildings are in the way, that process goes awry. Humans don’t always take nature into account when deciding where to build and where to pave ā€“ and nature, in turn, tends to ignore the needs of us humans.

For more on the Bay and how the election affects our future beach days, go to Rhode Island Monthly.

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