Revenge Voting

Shiftyjesus at Daily Kos reminds us of all the nonsense we can answer with our vote…

This is payback.
For the way many have chosen to treat America’s first black president.
For every horrible thing that they have called him and his family.
For every lie they’ve told about him, his family, his friends, and his accomplishments.
For every despicable conspiracy theory and every paranoid delusion.
For every racist comment, sign, poster, t-shirt, and bumper-sticker.
For their hope–from DAY ONE–that he would fail, and miserably so, and then proceeding to do or say anything they could think of to make it a reality.

Go here for more.

I’ll add a few of my own. For ‘you lie’ shouted at our President on the Senate floor, for accusations that we medical people are just lining up to serve on ‘death panels’, for all the Republican men who meekly let Rush Limbaugh ‘slut shame’ a young American woman, for calling the 47% of Americans who work the hardest for the least pay freeloaders, for Donald Trump, for forcing firefighters to stand by while a house burns, for a new kind of Christianity where it’s not what’s in your heart, but who your father was that counts. Arrghh! Vote!!!

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5 Responses to Revenge Voting

  1. joe says:

    You sure have a rant-it’s obvious you are one of those people who invest way too much emotion and trust in of all things,a Chicago politician.The “payback”remark by that slumlord Valerie Jarrett.may yet come back to bite her.I don’t know who will win the election,but I can guarantee I am not in thrall to any lousy politician-if Romney loses,I won’t go into shock and depression like you might if Obama gets dumped.I don’t even care for Romney but he probably can do a better job than this President.I really do care about one race-the Doherty/Cicilline-Cicilline is an evil little creature who reeks of dishonesty and prevarication.Doherty being elected or not elected won’t make any difference in the Republican leadership because the Dems are not taking the House anyway.And go ahead and vote for Sheldon who in his arrogant.heart only cares about people who came here on the Mayflower as equals.He is an incompetent fool.I sense Elizabeth Warren,the Screamer might beat Scott Brown on the wave of a large Obama vote,not on her merits.BTW I noticed that in your little world the Benghazi incident doesn’t exist-but it does and I hope it tips the scales against this man who fumbled the “3 AM cal”-gotta thank Hillary for thinking that one up.

  2. joe says:

    I live in 2nd District-the Congressional is a real yawner-I could care less about any of the three candidates.I will be working at Doherty’s HQ on election day though because I have known him for about 26 or 27 years and he seems to be really honest and not easily pusehd around.I also know David Cicilline and cannot think of a single good thing to say about him.

    • Ninjanurse says:

      I live in District 1, David Cicilline was a good mayor for 8 years and we need his vote in Congress. I’m working for him.

      • joe says:

        David Cicilline was a good mayor?I have lived in Providence for 28 years and I think he was a terrible mayor.His lying about the financial situation doesn’t bother you?Or the whole business with his brother’s bounced checks?I guess the virtual probably was something you support.I was the INS agent assigned to the Providence PD from 1991-94 and during that period I was able to locate and initiate deportation proceedings against hundreds of aliens involved in criminal activity.The people I arrested weren’t the nice kids you see paraded before the cameras in support of the “Dream Act”.They were individuals who posed a risk to society.If you think I’m not being truthful,so be it.I’m telling you what I know for a fact.

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