Would Rush Limbaugh Give it Away for Free?

There’s a constitutional right to free speech– and I can assure my dozens of readers that this blog does not make a cent– and then there’s the media market. No one has a right to get paid to talk on the radio. You’d think that would be obvious, but Rush Limbaugh specializes in grievance.

So where will it go, now that he’s losing money for his sponsors?

So far this year, my losses are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cancellations, avoidance and decisions to just not buy across the whole format, no matter what the content…

I’m not looking for Limbaugh to send me a check (although that would be nice), but I do think we have to let it be known that his actions have been devastating to our survival.

—Doug Stephan: Talk Must Expand Beyond Politics to Survive, November 19, 2012

Get details at AlterNet

I don’t think that the angry white males and their ladies auxiliary are aging out that fast, but a deflated bully is not inspiring. Rush exposed himself a little too much when he attacked Sandra Fluke. He’s not so entertaining any more.

And guess who Sandra Fluke is hanging out with these days– Professor Anita Hill.

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