Ya Wanna Read a Fukushima Diary?

It’s here, Fukushima Diary. The US press is busy with who’s boinking who and the budget deadline fiscal cliff. The daily life and future prospects of people living in the vicinity of the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown are not in the headlines.

The government of Japan has no incentive to look for trouble.

So it’s up to citizen journalists, armed with mail-order Geiger Counters and the internet, to ask the questions. Until the people closest to responsibility and power come out with honest answers, I’ll trust this source.

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2 Responses to Ya Wanna Read a Fukushima Diary?

  1. DiogenesNJ says:

    Fukushima Diary is a poor source. Try this one instead:

    Much better. Less scaremongering, more info, from a local source.

    While I recognize the futility, I feel compelled to offer a different viewpoint on nuclear power:
    http:// http://www.scribd.com/doc/54904454
    “A Rational Environmentalist’s Guide to Nuclear Power”

    Also a recommendation to read Steward Brand’s Ecopragmatist Manifesto:


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