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Happy New Years!

Break through to a new vision. Creds to Windows to the Universefor the beautiful image, and visit their site for its history.

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2012 Hurricane Mystery

Meteorologists say that 2012 was not only an active hurricane season, but a strange one. …two tropical storms actually formed before the season’s official start on June 1. Later, a storm named Nadine meandered around the North Atlantic for weeks, … Continue reading

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Best Thing Since Uni-sex

So, my Mom shows me the Warwick Beacon, a report on a new condominium complex going up on West Shore road. Wyndemere. I don’t know what’s wrong with the word ‘wind’– they have to stick other letters in it. And … Continue reading

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No Peace Without Justice

It’s simple, but not easy. A complacent society that maintains its sense of rightness for some by abandoning the defense of others works until some tipping point is reached– and rage spills over. Rhode Island in the 1970’s was violent, … Continue reading

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Praying to Kali- Woman Rage in India and the World

A young medical student, future doctor who would have saved lives, was vandalized like a bombed church to the point where it’s questionable whether her survival would have been a mercy. I understand the rage and deep despair of women … Continue reading

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This snow is good for making snowmen, but perfection never lasts long. Under the street lights the large, fluffy flakes make grey shadows like moths, casting patterns on the ground below– now perfect and blank as a movie screen. It’s … Continue reading

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Jean Harris Should Not Have Brought a Gun

Jean Harris, the upper-class woman who murdered her unfaithful lover, has died quietly in her bed of old age. When the scandal was in the news in 1980, my younger self looked at pictures of Herman Tarnower’s sour face and … Continue reading

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Smart Girls Rule in the 21st

Gregory Warner, NPR reporter follows the tech revolution to Africa- Kenyan Women Create Their Own Geek Culture. Susan Oguya is also an Akirachick. She grew up on a farm in western Kenya without a computer. But she was lucky enough … Continue reading

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Everything Goes Somewhere

The March 2011 tsunami that devastated Japan swept millions of tons of debris into the Pacific Ocean. Volunteers on the California coast are preparing to collect it from the beaches. The March 2011 disaster washed about 5 million tons of … Continue reading

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Tidings of Comfort and Joy

In the spirit of the season I’ll quote Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young- Rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice, but to carry on. The cat is playing with shreds of gift wrap and we woke to snow. Family near and … Continue reading

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