Vote Out Voter ID

This past election day I was standing outside Nathan Bishop High School passing out cards for Bond Issue 7–affordable housing. Yea! It passed.

Probably not due to my efforts, I gave away about 3 cards, it was close to closing time, dark and freezing cold. And my friends were waiting at the Wild Colonial so we could watch the election in comfort. Sharing the steps in front of the door were Mark Binder and Rep. Gordon Fox, greeting the last voters as they walked to the polls. I thanked them both for being there. I told Rep. Fox that the voter ID law was a bad idea. He said he had heard more complaints about that than almost any other issue. He said he would consider putting a ‘sunset’ on that law. So possibly our emails will not instantly go into the spam folder. And if we don’t put our issues out there, others will.

Here’s an email I got from Pat Smith–

Hi Folks,

Many of you have contacted me in the last couple of days expressing your frustration in not being able to participate in the House of Representative’s poll on whether or not people in the state want to see the RI Voter ID law repealed. As it was set up on their website, the only way to register your opinion was through Facebook. Since not everyone is on Facebook, I called Speaker Fox’s office to see if they could set up an alternative way for people to vote on this issue.

They called me back to say that anyone who does not want to use the Facebook poll should send their opinion and comments on whether to repeal the law directly to Shawn Andrews at the House of Representatives and he will keep track of the responses. Here is the direct link to Shawn: [that doesn’t work, paste this address into your email instead.]

Speaker Fox has indicated a willingness to revisit the Voter ID law if there is enough public objection to it. If you did not respond to the Facebook link, please take a moment now to contact Shawn and let the Speaker know that you want the legislature to repeal this law in the upcoming session.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to request an alternative means of getting your voice heard. Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested.

Pat Smith
Deputy State Coordinator of RI Progressive Democrats of America

So I sent this to Shawn–

Dear Mr. Andrews,
I’ve been a Rhode Island voter and have volunteered in campaigns as a poll watcher. It is always a wonderful thing to see my neighbors at the polls early on election morning. Up until this year, my signature was good– it seemed like a validation that my word and signature were accepted.
Why are we chasing a problem that doesn’t exist? If someone wants to throw an election, there are more efficient ways than persuading someone to risk prison by committing voter fraud. And how many people would you have to recruit to make a difference? And with poll watchers and poll workers who are there year after year don’t you think someone would have noticed something? This is Rhode Island we’re talking about, everyone knows each other.
I respectfully urge Rep. Fox to support putting a sunset on this law, and then just let it lie.
Nancy Green, RN

You all are welcome to copy this or make your own.

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