Holiday Cheer from Smart Ass Cripple

So, what does a sarcastic infidel do for Judeochristian occasions like Chrishanukkamas?

Born-again Atheist, Smart Ass Cripple says there are compensations for a few less glasses of eggnog or giving up faith that God will find you a parking place…

And there’s also a certain sense of relief that comes with acknowledging the indifference of the universe toward humans. Suppose a tornado blows away your hometown. If you are the center of the universe and the point of all creation, then you have to wonder what you did to piss off the universe so bad that it blew away your hometown. But if the universe is indifferent, you don’t have to torture yourself like that because you know that whatever happens, it’s nothing personal. It’s all just business.

More of his War on Chrishanukkamas here.

I take a different approach to spirituality. I don’t assume that Atheists lack a spiritual life, but they manage to get by without a God. Not me. I figure, if God is good, you can’t have too much of a good thing. That’s why I have gods. Growing up with Catholic saints makes this easy and natural. I think Smart Ass Cripple should consider this approach, as it’s always good to hedge your bets. But we Pagans don’t proselytize. If there’s anything beyond this life I may see him at that great Coffee Hour in the sky, and then I can say– told you so.

Whether you are dis- or temporarily-abled, this is a good time of year to spread some peace and good-will. That’s the way to make the season merry.

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