Orly Taitz- Crusading Dentist of Birtherism gets Fined

From Democratic Underground– the latest legal setback to Orly Taitz– dentist, lawyer, seeker of President Barack Obama’s college records. Taitz launched a bombastic legal challenge to Occidental College using stuff printed from the internet…

Orange County Superior Court Judge Charles Margines rejected Taitz’ argument, citing procedural errors and questioning the quality of her evidence.

“You should know that evidence is not stuff printed from the Internet,” Margines told Taitz, according to the Occidental Weekly.

Margines also ordered Taitz to pay the college $4,000 to cover the resources spent defending itself.

More details from Occidental College. It’s funny.

Taitz responded forcefully and personally to [Occidental College attorney] Botterud in an email that was part of the court filing for the case.

“Your opposition will constitute Obstruction of Justice,
Aiding and Abetting in the elections fraud in forgery and treason in allowing a foreign citizen to usurp the U.S. Presidency with an aid of forged IDs and usurp the civil rights of the U.S. citizens,” she wrote. “At any rate your opposition and your attempt of intimidation and your allegiance or lack of allegiance to the United States of America is duly noted. Just make sure not to forget to bring with you Mr. Obama’s application, registration, and financial aid application.”

When Botterud arrived in the courtroom, he was approached by
Taitz and asked if he had the President’s records with him, according to a court observer’s report. The report noted that Botterud was “obviously amused,” when he replied, “No.”

If you’re scratching your head and trying to remember who Orly Taitz was, she was up there with ‘Joe’ the ‘Plumber’ in the Republican Top Ten not long ago. Her secrets revealed in–
The Dark Roots of Orly Taitz

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