Guns and the Elderly- Deadly Confusion

Shawn 703 at Democratic Underground linked to this disturbing story about a woman shot dead by a man in a motorized wheelchair. From the Washington Post…

ATLANTA — A chance encounter at a Georgia gas station left a 65-year-old woman dead and a 73-year-old man facing a murder charge after authorities say the woman’s car and his motorized wheelchair bumped and he opened fire, police said Wednesday.

Linda Hunnicutt, 65, had just pulled into the gas station in Macon shortly after 1 p.m. Tuesday and stepped out of her Buick Lucerne when the man pulled a gun and fatally shot her, city police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet said.

The suspect, Frank Louis Reeves is being held without bail.

Reeves probably wasn’t intending to commit murder. He was in a wheelchair. He was afraid. He needed a gun for self defense. Just a little loss of judgment and deadly firepower caused him to respond to a minor incident by shooting an innocent woman.

With all the guns being sold in the US every year, there’s more in aging hands to use for suicide, domestic violence and misguided response to a perceived threat. We can take the car keys away from people who are no longer safe to drive. We have no process for people who are no longer safe with weapons.

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