Heartless Hotline- Playing the Poor for Sport

2Day FM has a history of pushing the limits between satire and brutality. One controversial episode involved hooking a 14 year old girl to a lie detector and interrogating her about her sex life. She disclosed she had been raped at the age of 12. Another was this show, Heartless Hotline…

A MOTHER of five special needs children was forced to “bicker” with another contestant for prize tickets in a sickening 2Day FM stunt, it emerged yesterday as the scandal-hit radio station received another broadside.

The case was raised in a submission to the media watchdog on live radio standards, in which the broadcaster was accused of routinely exploiting children and the disadvantaged for ratings.

Legal experts claimed The Kyle & Jackie O Show’s use of underage participants in “shock tactics” like their now infamous lie detector stunt had exposed the station’s history of exploiting the vulnerable.

The latest 2Day FM shock jocks in the news, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, look like younger versions of Kyle and Jackie O. There must be a ‘dude and blonde’ formula for their shows, and there’s unlimited dudes and blondes lined up for the job. I think Grieg and Christian are baggage at that station and won’t be used again, especially when they are so replaceable.

There’s always trash. The problem is that in a monopolized, Clear Channeled and Foxified media world, trash will be the only thing on the menu.

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