Nurses Talk Back to Shock Radio

This letter from the colleagues of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who apparently took her own life after being the victim of a humiliating and professionally damaging radio prank shows a restrained outrage..

King Edward VII’s Hospital, where the former Kate Middleton was being treated for acute morning sickness this week, wrote a strongly-worded letter to the 2DayFM radio station’s parent company Southern Cross Austereo, condemning the “truly appalling” hoax and urging it to take steps to ensure such an incident would never happen again.

“The immediate consequence of these premeditated and ill-considered actions was the humiliation of two dedicated and caring nurses who were simply doing their job tending to their patients,” the letter read. “The longer term consequence has been reported around the world and is, frankly, tragic beyond words.”

The hospital did not comment when asked whether it believed the prank call had directly caused Saldanha’s death, only saying that the protest letter spoke for itself.

The two shock jocks were young people carried away with their instant fame. They may be realizing now that infamy is not so comfortable. I wonder about the cold corporate minds that set this up. The people pulling the strings are probably older. Will they some day find themselves in a hospital, and wonder why the staff is so wary and liability-minded?

Maybe quite soon. The pranksters, Mel Greig and Michael Christian are said to be ‘in fragile condition and receiving intensive counseling.’ Isn’t it great we can count on our privacy being respected? Isn’t it great that medical people are committed to giving good care no matter who the patient is?

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