DJ’s May Have Broken Law

The awful 2Day FM prank that may have pushed Jacintha Saldanha over the edge to suicide is going to the lawyers.

There’s different standards in different occupations. The station’s claim that they tried 5 times to get permission from the hospital before running the broadcast would never fly in nursing if permission was legally required and not obtained.

Southern Cross Austereo has said the station had tried five times to contact the hospital, but privacy law expert Barbara McDonald said that could prove to be an inadequate defense.

“Seems to me that saying, ‘We tried to call,’ shows that they knew they should, and they’ve made a decision to go ahead knowing that they have not got permission,” said McDonald, a law professor at the University of Sydney. “I don’t know whether it makes the situation better, or worse.”


I’m reading the comments on the intertubes. A lot of ‘she was crazy, shouldn’t have been a nurse’ and ‘it was just a prank’. Also some ‘she’s from India, they have that culture’.

However, if this awful case ends with entertainers accepting some limits on where they intrude and who they hurt, some good may come of it.

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