The X-Rated Limbaugh

Is this a tactic to improve his ratings or a paraphilia he indulges by means of radio? Rush Limbaugh doubles down on offensive racial insults–

Speaking on his radio program, Limbaugh noted that a group of Democratic senators had written a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) asking to delay a medical device tax that was passed as part of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

“Elizabeth Warren, for example, she gave her whole-hearted approval to Obamacare,” Limbaugh explained. “Now, she is one of the senators that wants to take that back.”

“She’s an Indian giver,” he ranted. “Yes! I intended to say that! Elizabeth Warren, Heap Big Squaw Indian Giver!”

The rest is at Raw Story.

Marge Bruchac, of the Abenaki nation has a linguistic history of the word ‘squaw’. It’s not in itself an offensive word, though it will have to be rinsed with soap after coming out of Rush Limbaugh’s mouth.

He seems to be aiming for the openly racist demographic. Let’s see how many advertisers want to sign on to that.

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