Bullet Head– The Teacher Who Could Kill With His Bare Hands

It’s expected that the news will give a voice to extreme ideas, but discouraging that so many of those ideas come from Congress.

Some politicians are proposing that all school teachers be required to carry guns.

During the Vietnam War years I had a teacher in high school who would have liked that. Mr. Biggerston. We called him, ‘Bullet Head’.

When most of the men were letting their hair brush their collars and wearing those unfortunate sideburns, Mr. Biggerston shaved his head. He was an ex-Marine, he said.

He liked boys. Not in that way. Just that he handed out extra credit for answering sports questions– which gave the boys a grade advantage. Or maybe he disliked girls.

Mr. Biggerston probably considered himself a role model for the students that counted. He liked to tell stories. He said that in the Marines he learned how to kill a man with a sharpened belt buckle. I think he was wearing that belt, but I’m not sure.

Another place that memory fails is what subject he was supposed to be teaching. I honestly cannot remember him teaching anything. He talked a lot, but I don’t recall him talking about anything except sports and how lethal he was.

Would our schools be safer with more Bullet Heads in the classrooms? Will more arrogant fools with guns help protect our children? And if they spend their childhood in an armed camp, will they be too terrorized to learn?

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  1. Kathy says:

    History, if I recall correctly. Not that I remember much else besides that bald head.

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