Losing My Religion

Please, someone start talking sense before we have to hear any more of this- Fox News Host Gretchen Carlson asks an expert what murdered children remember in Heaven.

My minister, like many others, changed his sermon this Sunday to address the national anguish over the Connecticut shootings. He recalled the old Chinese blessing– Grandparent dies, Parent dies, Child dies.

The truth is that everyone dies, and the greatest hope we can hold is that our children will survive us. For a parent the worst is to outlive the child. Nature is rough enough. How much worse that our civilization has other priorities than our children.

It’s unseemly to promise pie in the sky when some are gorging on pie right here and others go hungry. It’s outrageous to invent a soothing myth about families who have been violated in the worst way imaginable. Those families are not in a place where personalities on TV merit their attention. But for the rest of us– wake up and ask why the right to bear arms takes precedence over the right to life and all other rights that make life worth living.

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  1. Mary Callahan says:

    Can’t agree with you more Nancy, I just saw a post on Mother Jones about the upswing in sales of body armor for children! We should be astounded! We should demand action! I grew up in a ‘bad neighborhood’ but I never felt scared in elementary school. What has happened to our society? Are we are so numbed to the horror that we can ignore mass murder of children? Well I’m sorry says the gun nut I can’t give up my 30 magazine clip. Can we accept this as a reasonable response to the massive upswing in mass murder?

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