This Just In! Shortest Day Today!

The editorial staff of Emancipation Conversation extends sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by our statement that yesterday, Winter Solstice, was the shortest day of the year.

Richard Hosford at Middletown Patch reports that today, Saturday, December 22, is the shortest day of 2012!

We at this blog strive for accuracy, but it’s tough to compete with Middletown Patch and their crack team of astronomers, not to mention their almanac department which is said to be world-class.

This writer, who was counting on the last day of the work week to be the shortest, is now in a race against time as she starts her Christmas shopping.

Emancipation Conversation’s humble citizen journalists will report the facts, to the best of our ability, even when competing with the big guys like Middletown Patch.

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2 Responses to This Just In! Shortest Day Today!

  1. mgradymg says:

    Nancy, if you go to and switch the location to Providence (the Patch guy had it on a Massachusetts address), the two days come out exactly the same length! However, it is true that the Solstice isn’t always on the 21st. I’m not sure what the protocol is (if there is one!) but seems to me the Solstice should “officially” be the shortest day, whatever date that is… so this year I guess we have two Solstices?!

  2. Ninjanurse says:

    Is there any way to finagle this so that we get off work early?

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