Smart Girls Rule in the 21st

Gregory Warner, NPR reporter follows the tech revolution to Africa- Kenyan Women Create Their Own Geek Culture.

Susan Oguya is also an Akirachick. She grew up on a farm in western Kenya without a computer. But she was lucky enough to have an uncle who worked in Nairobi.

When he came home for the holidays, he would haul his entire workstation in the car back with him ā€” the monitor, the CPU, the keyboard, the mouse ā€” and set it up in Oguya’s living room. Oguya was 15.

“So he’d bring it over, we’d use it, and then he would go back with it,” Oguya says. “So in the times when I didn’t have a computer, there were books that he left. Books about what is a computer, parts of a computer, what is a ROM, what is a RAM. It’s really basic.”

When she got to a university, she majored in IT. She had an idea for a mobile phone app that would help farmers like her parents.

Who are the Akirachix? Fans of Japanese anime who are ‘positively disruptive’ of limits set on women in the African continent. You can connect with Akirachix here.

How will the flow of information change our world? We’re watching it now.

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