Best Thing Since Uni-sex

So, my Mom shows me the Warwick Beacon, a report on a new condominium complex going up on West Shore road. Wyndemere.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the word ‘wind’– they have to stick other letters in it. And what is a ‘mere’ anyway? I doubt the site gets any more wynde than, say, Buttonwoods. It is fairly close to Conimicut Point which is an attraction. They could have called it, Poyntmere. It’s on the bus line too– how about Dieselmere?

The builders feature ‘women-centric’ units. “Mom,” I said, “surely they are not trying to reach the lesbian-separatist market.” What’s with ‘women-centric’?

In the sixties there was a radical lifestyle concept called ‘uni-sex’, which failed to get even 15 minutes of fame. I’d say, 7 1/2 at most. Couples in matching ‘his and her’ bell-bottom pantsuits just looked dumb. Uni-sex would by now be forgotten except for the one group that embraced it. Hair salon owners. Lots of uni-sex salons. Hey, if you can double your potential customer base– then go for it.

I haven’t heard the phrase ‘women-centric’ in a while, and I can’t figure what women would need differently in a building plan. But advertising ‘widows who live nearby who are ready to sell their house and move into a condo units’ is probably more truth in advertising than the market will bear.

Creds for the photo to Pink Is For Boys providing evidence that Unisex really happened.

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2 Responses to Best Thing Since Uni-sex

  1. Angie unduplicated says:

    Counters and sinks located at female-friendly height would be nice. Sink fixtures which can be cleaned with a toothbrush and have no inaccessible places to gather mold and mildew would be even friendlier. Great locks and peepholes aren’t friendly but sure are appreciated by women.

    • Ninjanurse says:

      That’s interesting, you’re talking accessibility and safety. Wyndemere builds a lot of elderly housing, I think they’re really trying to market easy-to-maintain, safe condos to elderly women who are still independent. The inner courtyard in the picture looks like a social but controlled space–which can work out very well if you like your neighbors. Thanks, Angie, for bringing up real issues in new housing– we should build it better.

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