2012 Hurricane Mystery

Meteorologists say that 2012 was not only an active hurricane season, but a strange one.

…two tropical storms actually formed before the season’s official start on June 1.

Later, a storm named Nadine meandered around the North Atlantic for weeks, reaching hurricane strength three times and striking the Azores twice. Jenkins says Nadine seemed to ignore conditions that usually kill hurricanes — things like vertical wind shear. That’s when high altitude winds blow at a different speed, or in a different direction, than low altitude winds.

“Nadine was under shear — the waters were cold,” he says. “So there was really no reason for it to hang around forever. But it did.”

And then there was Isaac, which seemed destined to strike the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

For the mystery behind Hurricane Sandy, read the rest here at NPR.

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