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British Conservatives Try to Whitewash History

I never learned that Florence Nightingale was a researcher, a statistician, a pioneer of nursing science until the feminist movement made Women’s History a subject of study. Till then she was just The Lady With the Lamp, a gentle soul … Continue reading

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Langston Hughes at RISD

February 3, 2013 at 1pm, Providence celebrates the 111th birthday of poet Langston Hughes with the 18th annual Community Poetry Reading. This year, organizer Anne Clanton has invited renowned storyteller Len Cabral as Guest Reader. Len will be joined by … Continue reading

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Have You Bought Your Imbolc Candles Yet?

My Pagan World Blogspot has a countdown to Imbolc. February 2nd is a cross-quarter day, the midpoint of Winter. That is when we are up to 10 hours of daylight and 6 weeks away from Spring. Whether or not the … Continue reading

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Geology Halts Nuclear

From a tweet from Greenpeace comes a link to The Japan Times… The quake fault running under reactor 2 at the Tsuruga nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture is probably active, a panel from the Nuclear Regulation Authority stated in … Continue reading

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Good Morning Providence

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Tracking in the Arctic Wilds

Well, actually I was walking home from Firestone Tire in this arctic cold spell. I could see who was walking their dog, how many squirrels were out and where the cats went.

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Watching Treme in the Dark of the Year

The dark of January is a tough time for me, I’m coping by watching the HBO drama, ‘Treme’. Like they say in New Orleans, it’s wicked depressing. It’s an adult soap opera with musicians and widespread devastation. Excellent art holds … Continue reading

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They Should Just Use Faith Healing

Talk about two Americas, the governor of Mississippi seems to be looking on the bright side and closing an eye to the people in his state who can’t get basic medical care– In an interview with Kaiser Health News on … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality Goes to the House

The Providence Journal Reports that a same-sex marriage bill has passed the House committee. This is the time to contact our favorite Senators to support fairness, justice and the possibility of some great wedding invitations this June. And go here … Continue reading

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Dr. Judy Green Remembered

My beautiful and accomplished sister-in-law, Judy Green, died suddenly this week of a heart attack. Judy left her mark on Louisville. She and her husband Jimmy were dedicated parents of all their children, by birth, adoption and fostering. We enjoyed … Continue reading

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