Geology Halts Nuclear

From a tweet from Greenpeace comes a link to The Japan Times…

The quake fault running under reactor 2 at the Tsuruga nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture is probably active, a panel from the Nuclear Regulation Authority stated in a draft report Monday, effectively condemning the two-reactor complex.

The report, compiled from the panel’s search for potentially active faults at the Tsuruga plant, is a heavy blow to Japan Atomic Power Co., which may have to scrap the reactor at great cost.

“If new knowledge is obtained, the judgment could be reviewed. However, at least at this point, the fault at the plant site is highly likely an active fault that needs to be considered in terms of seismic design,” the report said.

It’s not that there are any ‘pure’ ways out of our energy crisis, with the exception of conservation– a ‘c’ word our leaders seldom dare to use. Every energy source has to be evaluated for risk vs benefit. Nuclear has enjoyed big subsidies from government and generated huge profit for industry. That’s one reason for a relentless PR campaign that tries to hide the downside. This energy path is a dead end. If the people who create and profit from nuclear will be long gone when future generations have to deal with the mess is no reason for the rest of us to buy into this deadly pollutant.

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