Have You Bought Your Imbolc Candles Yet?

My Pagan World Blogspot has a countdown to Imbolc. February 2nd is a cross-quarter day, the midpoint of Winter. That is when we are up to 10 hours of daylight and 6 weeks away from Spring. Whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow, we in Rhode Island can expect damp, cold, sleet and all that kind of fun weather.

Wikipedia has some nice Celtic lore about devotions to Saint Brigid in the British Isles. Observance of this day helps the flocks to increase.

February 2 is Candlemas in the Catholic calendar, celebrating the day Mary presented the infant Jesus at the Temple.

February 2nd is Bun Day in Iceland. I couldn’t find out exactly what this celebrates but Icelanders get to eat all the cream puffs they want.

I will be celebrating the fact that it’s not January with Girl Scout Cookies, another seasonal tradition. Blessed Be.

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