Steven Seagal– Poseur in a Gi

Miyako Fujitani, A Real Martial Artist

Miyako Fujitani, A Real Martial Artist

Update of more weirdness- June 3,2013 Steven Seagal politicking in Russia.

It’s an ill wind that blows no one good. Gun sellers are making big profits, and entertainers like Joe (Sheriff) Arpaio and Steven (Sensei) Segal are back in the headlines talking tough. They’re going to bring their show to the malls and the schools. Maybe they’ll recruit Ted (4F) Nugent to join their posse.

If you think it’s a good idea to invite people like this to strut around a busy school with loaded guns, let me re-run a post from a couple of years ago, when Steve and Joe presumably had better eyesight and aim–

Watch out forSteven Seagal–bane of chickens and puppies…

An Arizona man is suing Steven Seagal after the actor-turned-lawman mowed down his fence in a tank as part of an animal cruelty raid by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s SWAT team that left 100 chickens dead. Yep, a tank. Oh, and the man says they also shot his puppy.

Rough justice for an incorrigible animal abuser, or a shameless reality TV stunt that victimized an innocent man and his beloved animals? That’s for the courts to sort out.

[the lawsuit was dismissed last month]
No one came off looking very good.

Okay. As we get older, even the supernaturally gifted martial artists slow down, so maybe Seagal needed a tank to go after those chickens, which can give you a nasty peck if you face them unarmed. We’ll probably never find out who shot the puppy.

I used to study Aikido. It’s a Japanese martial art that takes respect very seriously. Seagal lived in Japan as a young man, married a woman whose family was instrumental in the dojo where he was a student, and then left Miyako Fujitani and their children when opportunity called in the USA. His history with women since has appeared to be a series of ‘trading up’ marriages and divorces.

Miyako Fujitani is a pioneer in women’s martial arts and a respected master teacher in the Aikido community. She is not making headlines for running over chickens so you’ve probably never heard of her. But she’s the real deal.

Miyako Fujitani Sensei wrote a book, ‘Precious Time’, that she excerpts here..

Now I have made up my mind to live my own life, this remaining precious life, by following my inner voice and the wisdom gained from my bitter struggle with fate. By writing this book, I hoped to be released from my burdens, having had to carry on by myself after Steven Seagal abruptly left for the USA, leaving behind our family, the dojo, and me.

I think she speaks for many women who keep faith with their children and their responsibilities, unsung heroines, most of them.

It’s so easy for a movie tough guy to get an outsize place in public life. Sheriff Joe Arpaio gets all kinds of attention for stunts that debase his public trust. And California is bailing out from years of their Governator. So it matters when poseurs grab the spotlight and define the role.

I would feel a lot better if Miyako Fujitani were on my school committee. She raised the children after her ex went off to be a professional macho man.

If we don’t all get a grip, we will inevitably be reading a shocking news story about a child shot in their school by a self-appointed security guard. Think about Sgt.Cornell Young,Jr. Think about two women delivering newspapers who survived a hail of bullets by nervous police. Think about the ex-cop who shot and killed an intruder who turned out to be his own son.

More guns do not make life safer. There are smart and effective techniques for security; unfortunately made less effective by our refusal to ‘well regulate’ our self-appointed militias, or to take steps to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

I doubt the public tough guys would have the nerve to walk the route of the civil servants who deliver the mail unless they had an escort.

Mail delivery is a function of peace and civilization. It doesn’t just happen, any more than does war and crime. How many of us have the nerve to keep the peace? Most of us. That’s real courage.

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