Oscar Pistorius- Is there a Spin for This?

Oscar Pistorius is charged with murder after shooting his girlfriend dead.

This is horrible. Reeva Steenkamp lost her life.

How could this happen if guns make you safe? How could this happen if more guns make you safer?

If Oscar Pistorius mistook Reeva Steenkamp for an intruder, how is this murder? Isn’t it just a tragic accident, with no one responsible?

Pistorius’s father, Henke, said he had “zero doubt” that Steenkamp’s death was a tragic accident. He told the Sunday Telegraph in the UK: “When you are a sportsman, you act even more on instinct. It’s instinct – things happen and that’s what you do.”

South Africa is a gun culture. Do they have a chapter of the NRA?

Any attempt in the US to regulate guns or make their owners accountable meets opposition from the gun manufacturers and their lobbyists. Who will they blame here? There’s enough to go around.

More evidence reported in the press undermines the ‘accident’ story and points to domestic violence ending in murder.

It looks like Reeva Steenkamp was trying to defend her life

A bloodied cricket bat is the central piece of evidence in the unfolding murder investigation into Reeva Steenkamp’s death.

City Press can reveal that police are investigating different scenarios involving the bat – one of which is that her boyfriend, Olympic hero Oscar Pistorius, used it to viciously assault her.

The police are also investigating two more possibilities: that Steenkamp may have used the bat in self-defence, or that Pistorius used it to break down the toilet door behind which Steenkamp was hiding from him.

He had a gun, she never had a chance.

From a Johns Hopkins University study on laws to take guns away from domestic offenders-

IPV [intimimate partner violence] in its most serious form is fatal. In 2005, law enforcement reported 1,510 intimate homicides; more than half of those people were killed by guns (Fox & Zawitz). A gun in a violent home increases the likelihood that IPV incidents will result in death (Campbell; Saltzman).

The researchers conclude that the laws are too weak to be effective and that offenders use guns to terrorize and kill. You won’t see that on Fox News.

UPDATE: Oscar Pistorius has cancelled all his upcoming races. A memorial service for Reeva Steenkamp takes place on the day of his bail hearing.

Some thoughts on media like The Sun and its crude and sensational portrayal of Reeva Steenkamp is here.

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