Let Them Eat Horse

I don’t know what to make of this. Germany’s minister is proposing that the ground beef/horsemeat that is freaking out Europe be given to the poor.

Germany’s development minister has suggested food tainted with horsemeat should be distributed to the poor.
Dirk Niebel said he supported the proposal by a member of the governing CDU party, and concluded: “We can’t just throw away good food.”
The opposition dismissed the idea, but a priest said it should be considered.
Meanwhile, traces of horse DNA have been found in six tonnes of minced beef and 2,400 packs of lasagne bolognese seized from a company in Italy.

I can’t really see the moral difference between eating a cow and a horse– vegetarianism is looking better all the time. Also, the moral rightness of throwing away six tons of meat is unclear.

I do think that anyone who sells mis-labeled meat might be doing other dishonest things that do pose a health risk. And the suggestion that poor people have to take what rich people turn their noses up at may be realistic– but it’s not a happy thought.

Maybe this cow/horsemeat should be sold somewhere in the world where horsemeat is not culturally unacceptable.

I’m going grocery shopping today– thank the gods for peanut butter.

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