The Haunted Salvation Army

Raw Story has a video clip of Pat Robertson advising on how to prevent demon infestation in second-hand clothes.

I’m aware of the 700 Club because all too often it’s playing in the home of the elderly I visit. They or their home health aids get their news from this weird, slick parallel world. It looks so much like network news that I don’t even realize it’s not Fox until they start reporting on how to exorcise that cute blouse with the tag still on. Who knows in what closet of ill repute that blouse hung before you picked it up cheap?

It’s all I can do to exorcise my sense of how cheap labor has to be to let me buy clothes made all over the world for just a few American dollars. Everything made by hands was made by a worker somewhere.

Actually, that’s one reason I often shop at Big Sisters. I can get it cheap and prevent waste at the same time.

Here’s a righteous incantation to clear the mind and open the eyes, though there’s no promise of an easy conscience.

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  1. I lol’d. I figured this would be about either the Salvation Army’s treatment of gays, or bedbugs. This was much better :3

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