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Witnessing to the Jehovahs on Holy Saturday

I’m walking through Pawtucket to the Farmer’s Market and up ahead on the sidewalk are men on a mission from God–two young white guys in dark suits. One has a Bible in his hand, marking a place with his finger, … Continue reading

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Good Friday Dream

I’m reading a Doonesbury comic about forgotten papers in government files. I’m reading the panels right to left– pictures of empty rooms, confidential documents, weapons in partial images as if seen through a broken window. The last picture, on the … Continue reading

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A Holy Week

Starting with Passover today and ending with Easter on Sunday. I feel like I’m still in the last freeze of winter, but I’ll look for signs that the people around me are observing the holidays. It’s good to pause and … Continue reading

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Republicans Prove Voter Fraud is a Problem

Republicans have been accused of exaggerating the prevalence of voter fraud, but you can never let your guard down… CRANSTON, R.I. — A vote to pick the next chair of the state Republican Party was invalided by party officials Thursday … Continue reading

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Countdown to Marriage Vote, March 21

Hi Friends, I just dashed this off before I head out to work. There’s still time to email or even snail-mail our state senators. I owe the good people of Occupy Providence for the ideas, which we discussed at our … Continue reading

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Help Save the Monarchs

Plant milkweeds. Here’s how. That’s why I have milkweeds on this home page. They are local, hardy, sweet smelling and easy to grow. Take the chemicals to waste management, put away the mower and grow a butterfly garden. Sipping lemonade … Continue reading

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Pope– Already He Starts

Catholics are about a billion of the world’s people, so in my agnostic way I was praying for good leadership. After all, Pope John XXIII was a humble ‘interim pope’ who was not expected to make waves. Choosing the name … Continue reading

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Letter to Senate– Support Marriage Equality

The email for Sen. Paiva-Weed is To: State Senate President M. Teresa Paiva-Weed March 14, 2013 Dear Senator Paiva-Weed, I am a Rhode Islander, married 30 years. Allowing committed couples to make their union legal benefits all areas of … Continue reading

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Fukushima Two Years Ago Today

The cleanup has hardly begun… Contaminated clothing represents just a fraction of the waste facing Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501) in a cleanup that may take four decades. A tour of the plant last week went past rows of grey … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Self-Defense– Part 1 Fear and Despair

Rich Benjamin’s fine book, ‘Searching for Whitopia’ gets it in the opening sentence of his introduction– Imagine moving to a place where you can leave your front door unlocked as you run your errands, where the community enjoys a winning … Continue reading

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