Letter to Senate– Support Marriage Equality

The email for Sen. Paiva-Weed is

To: State Senate President M. Teresa Paiva-Weed
March 14, 2013

Dear Senator Paiva-Weed,

I am a Rhode Islander, married 30 years. Allowing committed couples to make their union legal benefits all areas of our lives as citizens. Letting people take responsibility for one another and recognizing that relationship lifts a burden from our medical and social services– public institutions that struggle to meet the needs of those who have nowhere else to go for help.

The fear that same-sex marriage will somehow diminish other marriages will cease as soon as this issue is settled. However, it will not be settled with less than full and equal rights.

My church blesses same-sex unions, others don’t. This is freedom of religion. The state is responsible for equality under the law, and making fair laws.

If my own right to marry a man of another race were put to a popular vote, in 1967 or even today, we would be fighting terrible and divisive battles around race. I remember those days of racial strife. The arguments for discrimination against gay people are not much different. Changes in law put us on a path to healing those divisions.

I urge you and the members of our Senate to make the right to marry equal for same-sex couples.

Thank you for your consideration.


Nancy Green, RN

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