Countdown to Marriage Vote, March 21

Hi Friends, I just dashed this off before I head out to work. There’s still time to email or even snail-mail our state senators. I owe the good people of Occupy Providence for the ideas, which we discussed at our own GA this past Saturday.

Rhode Islanders for Marriage Equality
has the news and how to contact your state senator.

Date: Monday, March 18, 2013 8:05 AM
To: Add to Addresses
Subject: Please vote to support marriage equality
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State Senator Paul V. Jabour
82 Smith St.
Prov, RI 02903

re: Support the Right to Legal Marriage for All Rhode Islanders

Dear Senator Jabour,

I know you are a strong and effective advocate for working families. The best way to protect marriage and help families is to support a living wage– so that parents don’t have to work two jobs to keep the rent paid. Safe streets and good public schools will do more to protect our children than all the crusading against a small minority of couples who simply ask to make their partnerships legal.

As a nurse, I have seen patients suffer when their lifelong spouse has no legal standing in their health care decisions. Having enjoyed the blessing of a thirty year marriage I know how much it means to have that right.

Being in the minority of people who married interracially, I know the likely outcome if our marriage had been put to a popular vote, back in 1967 when the Supreme Court put the issue to rest.

You have always been a fair representative for the people in your district.

Please vote to support marriage equality and let our state turn to the real problems that working parents face.

Thank you for your consideration.


Nancy Green, RN

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