Republicans Prove Voter Fraud is a Problem

Republicans have been accused of exaggerating the prevalence of voter fraud, but you can never let your guard down…

CRANSTON, R.I. — A vote to pick the next chair of the state Republican Party was invalided by party officials Thursday night after they said one more vote was cast than there were members registered to vote.

A Democrat must have sneaked in. It’s the only explanation. Next time, retinal scans and DNA testing on all ballots. It’s the only way.

Rhode Island recently decided that our word, signature and voter registration are not enough, and following the national trend to protect us all by making voting more difficult mandated that we show our papers at the polls. This is actually very unpopular, but will probably stand as we all get used to it.

Bank of American once demanded my fingerprint to cash a check drawn on their own bank. Let’s follow their example. Yeah.

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