A Manual For Young Man Hunters

Well, girls, I’m out of ideas and down to my vintage comix collection. Here’s some improving thoughts for today.

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  1. Much of that sounds like what my publicity manager is trying to get me to do so that I can network. Left to myself, I would write my books, sit behind the sales table or panel table and smile prettily. My networking and social skills suck. Smile more. Take better care of myself (take my vitamins, sleep, brush my hair). Wear something other than jeans and a black T shirt. Listen and talk both during a conversation. Pay attention to the person your with, don’t hit them with a canned spiel. You know, all the things real people learn that I never picked up. And never do something sexual just because the other person wants it. You need to want it too.

    All in all, it’s not bad advice. It’s just very elementary and done in a very gendered way.

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