Movie Date With InfoWars

Who the hell are these fools, you may ask, reading on your intertubes about the alleged reporter who challenged Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick at a press conference on the atrocity at the Boston Marathon.

Dan Bidondi, a “reporter/analyist” (sic) for Alex Jones’ Infowars, managed to ask Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick the very first question in a nationally televised press conference.

Why were the loudspeakers telling people in the audience to be calm moments before the bombs went off? Is this another false flag staged attack to take our civil liberties and promote homeland security while sticking their hands down our pants on the streets?

Patrick, looking on with a mixture of rage and pity, said “no,” surely aware that he couldn’t halt this guy’s incipient Internet fame.

Which I’m furthering by writing about him. Sorry about that.

That was so three days ago, and fading into obscurity. But today the FBI held a press conference to explain to the public that they have photos of suspects in the bombing and to ask for help finding them.

I heard it on NPR on my car radio as I drove home from work.

And almost the first reporter question came from InfoWars.

[FBI Special Agent Richard] DesLauriers was joined on stage by U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, and several other officials. He took a handful of questions from the media, including one question from an aggressive reporter from, who yelled something about “false flag” operations, and continued yelling for approximately 10 minutes after the press conference concluded. While many members of the media surrounded this Infowars fellow, jockeying for interviews, another journalist was not amused. “Shut up so we can write, asshole,” he said.

I became aware of InfoWars last summer at a film festival at the Cable Car in Providence.

I had a friend whose movie was showing and I wanted to applaud him. Also I had a bit part and I wanted to applaud me. From seeing it up close, I have a little understanding of what a labor of love it is to make these short films. Everyone, from actors and directors to the people who move the furniture– they are into it and they sacrifice a lot to do this. So whether I was excited by each film that showed or not, I applauded the passion that makes them do it.

But there was one well-produced movie where I laughed involuntarily in the wrong place.

This was a film about the right to die, or to let someone die when there is no prospect of any quality of life.

That is a huge subject for debate and for art, all the more so as the power to keep people alive increases and the population ages. When decisions have to be made and people struggle to make the right one, it is not useful to look for a scapegoat.

But this film had one– it’s the fault of the medical people. Not all of them, obviously, since someone has to do the labor and skilled decision-making that everyone in health care puts in on every shift. It’s the fault of a conspiracy of doctors and media types who prey on coma victims to rob their organs.

How do you identify these perps? They wear special rings and smirk knowingly at each other.

That’s when I burst out laughing in the theater, but quickly suppressed it. It’s not politic to diss anyone at a small film festival when you’re friends with one of the contestants.

But it bothered me very much. Some things you don’t get used to. Being called ‘baby killer’ because you support the right of a woman to terminate a pregnancy. Being called Nazi sympathizer because you do not think everyone should be kept alive by whatever means possible regardless of the suffering and the outcome.

I saw awful suffering when I started as a nurses aid in the 1980’s. You’ll often hear people who know something about end of life say, “Don’t do that to me.”

And watching this film about the evil medical people still rankles. Do not call yourself an expert until you have wiped some shit, stayed up some nights, helped a parent not be alone and agonized over which bad choice is the least bad. Please don’t demonize the people whose job it is to care for the sick. We’re doing our best, and we know very well that we are all ‘temporarily-abled.’

So where was I? Oh, yeah. The movie had a couple of shots of It did not seem incidental, more like a heavy, knowing wink.

I checked InfoWars once, but did not linger. I remembered that when I went on the site of the birther, Orly Taitz, it looked like a virus tried to jump onto my computer. I have resistance to bad ideas gone viral, but not much tech knowledge, and I don’t want that kind of trouble.

I do think the InfoWars people are trouble. And I wonder why in the wake of this awful outrage in Boston they are coming out from under their rock. If I were a conspiracy nut I could probably come up with some reasons.

UPDATE: The bomber is captured alive, he’s white, Muslim, from a part of the world that was on no one’s radar screen. Why? Still no answers that make any sense of this crime.

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