Nothing Happened

So today I woke up feeling good for the first time in a while. Maybe it’s Spring allergies or the burden of history, but I’ve been kind of down. It’s been a while since I woke up clear and energized.

I worked late yesterday, but I still wanted to be a good camper and punch in on time today. So with not a minute to spare I ran out of the house with wet hair hoping it would dry on the way.

The bridge by the Marriott is under construction until the Rapture happens or they finish working on it whatever. That leaves a mess at the intersection of North Main where you cross over Canal Street to Smith Street. Sometimes it’s congested, other times it’s empty. I have no idea what time is optimal.

But today, with zero minus three minutes to lateness the coast was clear. The light was turning yellow and I made my right turn just on the legal side.

It was not until I was past the intersection that I saw a frail looking woman with a cane waiting to cross. I could see in my rear view mirror that she started across the street at the change of the light.

Nothing happened.

I am full of gratitude for a morning when nothing happened.

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