To Sen. Harold Metts–Gays Are the New Samaritans

Dear Senator Metts,

I am a Providence resident, just outside your district. I have been married over 30 years and work and care for my family here. I have seen you testify at the State House and quote from the Bible.

As you well know, the story of the Good Samaritan is about accepting help in a crisis from a person you had always considered beneath you. The Jews at the time probably had very good theological reasons for despising the Samaritans, and maybe they were right. But only the Samaritan showed compassion for the man in need.

If you or someone you love is ever in a hospital you will not know which of the nurses are gay or straight. You will know who is competent and compassionate. You will not know which religion they hold in their private lives, but you will know their actions. They all are expected to follow the same standard of good care.

We are all so fortunate that we enjoy freedom of religion in our personal lives and equality in our civil lives.

It is the right of churches to refuse to bless the unions of people who have been divorced, or who do not share their faith, or who are homosexual.

It is the right of citizens to be treated equally in City Hall.

My church chooses to bless same-sex unions. We could have many discussions about how God would judge us, but those discussions belong in the realm of freedom of religion.

The right of a committed couple to make their marriage legal belongs to the state.

As a person who benefits from marriage I would not deny this protection to my neighbor, even if they are different from me. I ask you to consider supporting legal recognition of the marriage of people who don’t share your beliefs, while recognizing your right to hold your beliefs and speak your mind.

Thank you for your consideration,

Nancy Green, RN

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