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Are We Really Dumber Than the Victorians?

Why am I reminded of Newt Gingrich? He used to say that society was better in the Victorian Era. There was more morality. And workhouses for the undeserving poor. No government cheese for them, by God. Maybe Scrooge shouldn’t have … Continue reading

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Universal Densitometer

I’m skeptical about scientific studies as interpreted by the news. I’ve followed many studies over the years and briefly worked in clinical trials. It’s important to ask how the study was conducted and not just run away with the conclusion. … Continue reading

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I’m Gonna Get Rich!

I love my girl’s romance comics collection from the 40’s to the 70’s for the art, the narrative, and what the ads in the back reveal about the dreams and desires of young women decades ago. Before my antique cheap … Continue reading

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Writing in my Sleep

In the time between dreams and waking this came to me- Miss Mary Mack She’s coming back Her dress is made Of sunflowers and jade She is a girl Who’s been all over the world This is her song You … Continue reading

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Press Freedom Under the Gun in Uganda

Just came over on my Twitter feed… Uganda’s Monitor Publications under police siege Updated Monday, May 20th 2013 at 14:18 GMT +3 Police have besieged Monitor Publications limited head office in Namuwongo, Kampala, Uganda causing tension among journalists and management, … Continue reading

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Mark Freedman and Kate Huntington Gallery Show

The Dryden Gallery at the Providence Picture Frame Company hosted an opening for two of the best artists in Rhode Island The Universe last night. The radiant colors of Kate Huntington played off the dark urban landscapes of Mark Freedman. … Continue reading

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Cars Suck

Centuries ago, a young man said something to me I’ll never forget. “Cars suck.” This was so long ago that “suck” was a rather shocking word, but something in my soul responded to that totally original statement. Yes, I hate … Continue reading

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Words to Ponder from The Young Adults

Lots of dangerous stuff we should not be giving to kids. A power tool is not a toy. A gun isn’t either.

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Generic Drugs Still Cheaper! Big Pharma Still Scary! Regulation Still Needed!

I like to look at old medical books, I’m always impressed by how little changes. This 1927 price comparison of generic and name brand drugs could pretty much be done today with similar results. You won’t find Veronal/Barbital at the … Continue reading

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A Well-Regulated Car

I had a good friend send me a Facebook post intended to show the absurdity of stronger gun regulation. “Cars kill thousands of Americans every year! Let’s ban cars!” While there are actually some good arguments for fewer cars and … Continue reading

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