Future City at Urban Pond Procession

A lovely day to kick off the Urban Pond Procession events. June 1st the motley crew of students, neighborhood residents, hipsters and bicycle anarchists–if we’re lucky there will be brass bands and giant monsters– will walk the route of the underground streams that connect Mashapaug Pond and Roger Williams Park.

Mashapaug Pond is a miracle in itself. Behind the strip mall, next to the highway ramp, in the center of the industrial/business district is a hidden treasure. You’d never notice the dusty path by the Job Lot warehouse, but a few steps away is Mashapaug Pond. Sapphire blue, ringed by trees, and poisoned.

A coalition of artists, environmental scientists and neighborhood activists are dedicated to healing this un-natural treasure whose waters hold so much Rhode Island history, and our future.

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