I’m Gonna Get Rich!

I love my girl’s romance comics collection from the 40’s to the 70’s for the art, the narrative, and what the ads in the back reveal about the dreams and desires of young women decades ago.

Before my antique cheap entertainments all crumble into dust, I’m putting some online.

This ad promises a way out of the dead end job–“Hundreds of stenographers, office clerks, factory workers and maids have given up their ‘blind alley’ drudgery to embrace the respected profession of Practical Nursing.”

No girl astronauts or presidential candidates then, but what’s interesting is what has not changed.

Nursing is still a step up for working women looking for better pay and more respect. And we still hear about a nursing shortage–but new grads can’t find jobs. What’s up with that? Economics and the profit motive.

While a practical nurse could do some home study to get started, there’s no way a girl could walk into a credential with a home study course from the back of a comic book. However, nurses aids and other health care workers did not used to be certified. I myself just walked in the door of a nursing home that advertised in the paper. They had about 80% turnover annually so fresh labor meat was welcome. Times have changed, but not all that much.

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