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Brutal Gynecology of the Republican Party

In 1988, President George Bush I chose a vice-president who became a laughing stock for his cheerful ignorance. I’m referring, of course, to Dan Quayle. Quayle had a simple answer to the question of whether a victim of rape should … Continue reading

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Sneering at Walmart Shoppers

Congressman Louie Gohmert is doing Ronald Reagan one better in the war on food assistance. But where did he get his talking points? I have one possible source– a rising young conservative who doesn’t need to hide her contempt for … Continue reading

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Soul Food Junkies Could Rehab Paula Deen

Byron Hurt is a film maker who blends family and social history in his documentary, Soul Food Junkies. Human nature has not changed in 30 years, but obesity has become the health crisis of our time. We all know what … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice June 21, 2013

For She shall bring the sun in the Spring And walk among the flowers In Summer’s heat her kisses are sweet She laughs in leafy bowers She bends and sways to gather the grain With all her fruits abounding In … Continue reading

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I Owe My Soul to the Company Store

Wow, this scheme for skimming money off the paychecks of McDonald’s workers must have seemed like a sure thing to the money guys at J.P.Morgan. All Natalie Gunshannon wanted was to be paid a fair wage for her work, she … Continue reading

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So, When You Going to Get Married?

Gay Pride Providence was the best parade I have ever seen by far. The first Gay Pride march was in 1976. I’ve marched in a few with several dozen people around the downtown. I remember one year we were so … Continue reading

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Please God, Let My Team Win

Tim Tebow will play for the New England Patriots. This is a Pagan take on the situation. Judge him on his success at football. If he plays good, then good for him. Being faithless, I think it will depend on … Continue reading

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Good Man With a Gun Found Innocent–Texas Pays

I got into a little comment fight on Raw Story— covering the killing of Lenora Ivie Frago and the acquittal of Ezekiel Gilbert. Fair is fair, and Gilbert was within his rights to shoot this 23 year old woman and … Continue reading

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Steven Seagal Left Wife and Family in Japan

Just in case you don’t know, Vladimir Putin is not a nice guy. Former president George Bush once looked into his eyes and saw a soul brother.You can take that in a variety of ways depending on how you feel … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Great Great-Grandnephew

Claude S. Fischer at Salon asks, Are Humans Getting Smarter? Psychologists often use puzzles to test intelligence. So, puzzle this: on the one hand, many psychologists tell us that intelligence is an enduring individual trait, pretty much hard-wired by a … Continue reading

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