Degenerate Tom Cats of the Present Age

Fluffy Does Not Approve

Fluffy Does Not Approve

Zoo announces first test-tube kittens.

What is the matter with the cats of today? Are they too busy checking their tweets for pictures of birds? I know my cat would scorn this, it it were not for that unfortunate encounter with the vet some years ago.

Life is so complicated today–

“I had just tested a new semen collection method in lions and cheetahs in South Africa,” [veterinarian Imke] Lüders told Scientific American. “I think this was one of the key factors for a successful artificial insemination. Lions and cheetahs are much bigger, [but] the principles are the same.”

The article doesn’t go into the specifics, but clearly veterinary medicine is not for the faint of heart.

I remember when a Tom Cat lived up to his name. But now they only wake up when they hear a can opener. What is the cause of this feline dysfunction? I blame President Obama. Why not?

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