Steven Seagal Left Wife and Family in Japan

Miyako Fujitani, A Real Martial Artist

Miyako Fujitani, A Real Martial Artist

Just in case you don’t know, Vladimir Putin is not a nice guy. Former president George Bush once looked into his eyes and saw a soul brother.You can take that in a variety of ways depending on how you feel about George Bush. Putin has been accused of creating the worst human rights record since Soviet times, and that’s even before two women were sentenced to prison for singing a song in a church.

The Daily Beast article, ‘League of Hollywood Halfwits’ points out the disadvantages of celebrity diplomacy- like when such as Dennis Rodman hang out with such as Kim Jong Un in lovely North Korea.

Steven Seagal plays a martial artist in the movies, but in his early life he actually studied in Japan.

Though an outsider, he managed to win respect and eventually married Miyako Fujitani, a fellow Aikido student from a family that was influential in their dojo (school).

Seagal left his wife and their children when opportunity called in the USA. His history with women since has appeared to be a series of ‘trading up’ marriages and divorces.

Miyako Fujitani remains faithful to her family and to her practice.
she is a pioneer in women’s martial arts and a respected master teacher in the Aikido community. She’s the real deal.

Miyako Fujitani Sensei wrote an autobiography, ‘Precious Time’–in her words…

Now I have made up my mind to live my own life, this remaining precious life, by following my inner voice and the wisdom gained from my bitter struggle with fate. By writing this book, I hoped to be released from my burdens, having had to carry on by myself after Steven Seagal abruptly left for the USA, leaving behind our family, the dojo, and me.

Aikido is a way of life based on dignity, respect and self-control. So it’s no surprise that Seagal couldn’t last.

It’s really concerning when US politicians decide the State Department is too complicated for them and decide to vacation with an action movie star and a foreign head of state.

Chechnya is a horrible mess with a long, shameful history. Russia would love for the US to get involved. But we know who committed the Boston bombings, we have a suspect in prison. I have no idea what the Hollywood delegation expected to accomplish, but I’m sure they were well entertained.

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