Good Man With a Gun Found Innocent–Texas Pays

Lenora Ivie Frago before the shooting

Lenora Ivie Frago before the shooting

I got into a little comment fight on Raw Story— covering the killing of Lenora Ivie Frago and the acquittal of Ezekiel Gilbert.

Fair is fair, and Gilbert was within his rights to shoot this 23 year old woman and condemn her to a slow death by suffocation over the next seven months. And anyway she was only a prostitute–that’s the general drift. It’s one thing for internet trolls to do what they do, but for a jury to reach this conclusion is really frightening.

One dynamic of a murder trial is that the chief witness is silenced forever, and the killer gets to play for sympathy. We’ve watched the film about the good man with the gun who’s just misunderstood so many times that we’ve lost sight of reality. I wish the press would look deeper into this crime, interview the family and friends of the victim, ask some questions about what happens to a human being when they are shot. It might be the beginning of a more realistic understanding of the cost of violence– in suffering and also in dollars.

I found better information in the UK newspaper, The Daily Mail, than US sites.

Miss Frago, who had been dependent on a respirator after being left paralyzed in the shooting, died in July 2010. She had suffered brain damage after the respirator disconnected a few months after she was shot.
Miss Frago’s brother wept earlier in the trial as he recalled the moment the family decided to end her life support, according to My San Antonio. Neurologist Augusto Parra also disagreed with the defense that her death was not Mr Gilbert’s fault.
‘When you are bedridden like her – with mechanical support, with tubes for feeding – these patients are prone … to have complications,’ Mr Parra said. ‘She was in this situation because she was shot.’
The escort was shot in the early hours of Christmas Eve after Mr Gilbert confronted her driver about Miss Frago taking his money but refusing to have sex.

Life After the Bullet

Life After the Bullet

‘Complications’, yes. This photo from Google Images of a woman on a ventilator is probably less shocking than what Lenora Frago’s family saw when they went into her hospital room. Ms. Frago was on the vent for months, so most likely a hole was cut in her neck for the vent tube. She would have been deconditioned from being in a coma–either emaciated or swelled up with fluid. Bedsores are so difficult to prevent that even Christopher Reeve suffered sores and infections. He died despite wealth, fame and an elite medical team.

A young woman, most likely uninsured, living on the margins, would have been at the mercy of the Texas social safety net. Hospital staff would have turned her, cleaned her, fed her through a tube, suctioned phlegm– total care around the clock. They probably did their best with what they had, but her condition went from bad to worse until she finally died. She leaves behind a young daughter, whose last memories of her mother will be a woman dying on machines.

You don’t have to look far to find an image of a good man with a gun, in all his heroic glory. I had to hunt to find an image of a ventilator.

Ezekiel Gilbert Alive and Free

Lenora Ivie Frago paid with her life for engaging with Ezekiel Gilbert and refusing him sex. The State of Texas paid for the slow death of Ms.Frago. Hundreds of thousands of dollars at least. This is in a state that grudges health care for low-income workers, but loves its guns. Is anyone counting the real cost?

But that’s being reality-based. Blood, tears and money. Where’s the faith?

After being found not guilty of murder, Mr Gilbert hugged his defense attorneys and thanked God, his lawyers, and the jury for being able to ‘see what wasn’t the truth’.

They say that God created man in his own image, and man returned the favor. Ezekiel Gilbert sees God’s hand in his exoneration for killing a woman on Christmas Eve in an argument over $150, and the good Texas jury no doubt agreed.

I don’t believe in an afterlife, but I hope if there is one that Lenora Frago will meet him at the hour of his death, and that she haunts him for the rest of his days. No justice in this world for a woman who tangled with a man who showed no mercy.

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15 Responses to Good Man With a Gun Found Innocent–Texas Pays

  1. Miss Marple says:

    I am an unemotional person. I think you are dramatizing the story when you say this woman died a slow death by suffocation. Medically, she was not conscious anymore. She did not suffocate. It’s a tragic end to a bizarre turn of events, but do not become over-emotional when evaluating the facts of the case. The law is the law. We are individuals, none of whom is above the law. We are judged by a jury of our peers. Respect the law.

    • Ninjanurse says:

      I don’t have firsthand knowledge of Lenora Frago’s seven months dying in the hospital. I have some knowledge of ventilators. People can be conscious on ventilators. The late actor Christopher Reeve left a first-person account. From the Independent article it looks like Ms. Frago was unconscious after her ventilator disconnected in what could only have been terror for her in the minutes she was unable to breathe. After that she was brain-damaged.
      Unconscious and semi-conscious people, unfortunately, can still feel pain. Medically, there are levels of consciousness.
      A complication suffered by Christopher Reeve, and almost certainly by Lenora Frago, is bedsores. Bedsores down to the bone happen fast and take months to heal, if ever.

      I do respect the law. To paraphrase a Rabbi who is popular in Texas, the law is made for man, not man for the law. The law is a tool made by human beings. Texas has a rusty toolbox.
      For unemotional people, I have an argument of self-interest. If taking the life of one unwise woman is not worth time in prison, consider the cost of seven months in intensive care, a child orphaned, the lawyer and police time– your tax dollars at work.

    • SunlessNick says:

      Respecting the law doesn’t require respecting a jury who decided that a woman deserved to die for not fucking a man in addition to providing the services that he actually paid for.

      • Ninjanurse says:

        It’s interesting that the jury did not seem to take into account the illegality of that transaction. I guess we’ll have to wait for a case where someone gets ripped off in a drug deal and the jury finds them innocent for taking capitol revenge.

  2. emmawolf says:

    I think the situation is horrible and Lenora’s death was tragic and Gilbert should have to pay and I’m angry that is isn’t paying. I was so pissed off when I read some quote by him about how he was mentally in prison for all this time. Yeah, I really don’t care what’s going on in his head.

    This article ( about the legal angle was very enlightening to me. Basically, the fact that Gilbert walked could have more to do with a charging error than a heartless jury. If that was the real legal problem, then I think their is hope for society. Prosecutors just need to be more careful about they charge things.

    • Ninjanurse says:

      thanks. I served on a jury once and remember being frustrated with one case where the dude deserved to do some time, but the charges just did not seem to fit.
      your comment backs up the idea of a lazy media echo chamber. I so wish that there was more coverage of the suffering caused by cheap and poorly regulated guns. I guess the paraplegic lobby doesn’t rate.

      • emmawolf says:

        “I so wish that there was more coverage of the suffering caused by cheap and poorly regulated guns. I guess the paraplegic lobby doesn’t rate.”

        Yeah, I think you make a really good point.

  3. robert baker says:

    The pimp shoulda been the one that got shot imo

  4. Connie Thomas says:

    It appears this woman was mexican. If she were white, he would be serving time. He is not sorry for what he did, he is a cold hearted and evil man. He could have call the police and said ” Hi i am a lonely guy just trying to buy sex; and I have been robbed, she would have been arrested for prostitution and he would have been arrested for buying a prostitute, No, instead he took the law into his own hands and murdered a young woman. It is obvious that he is not capable of meeting a woman, he suffers from low self esteem and obviously he is sexually frustrated. Maybe he should try guys, that may work for him.

  5. ericarp1 says:

    I usually regret reading random (to me) blogs and random comments, but I am pleasantly surprised by this site. Thanks for your thoughtful writing about this horrifying case.

  6. joey says:

    Her folks can sue him in civil court wrongfully death .may be 150 million $$ … take %1/2 he’s income . they can take this to state court or us supreme court like oj Simpson ..he should not prosper from this evil deed ..

  7. He is just a lonely psychopath. That man should be put away for life. You can be sure he has committed lots of minor crimes through his life. Such a disgrace. You should be ashamed of yourself Texas.

  8. Stanley says:

    He’s the hallmark of his prototype: a badass subspecies that show how awesome they are by killing women and unarmed teenagers. They go through life eating feces from red white and blue toilets while the stiff sword of stupidity tickles their prostrates.Its clear that certain people have rights that others don’t.
    I’ll bet it feels great to feel superior while wallowing in mud. A fine example of good manpigs.

  9. FredvB says:

    Sad, sad, sad.
    The only joy (but what a great an eternal One!) is in Jesus-Christ: He has prepared a place for each human beeing that has faith in Him.
    Let’s rejoice to be together with Him, with Lenora (I hope she had “adopted” Jesus as Jesus has not only adopted us, but created!) and all the others that have the Love of God in them.

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